Friday, May 1, 2009

May 2, 2009 - Extra Credit Questions

BONUS CREDIT QUESTIONS - For each question you post in your work groups correctly, you will be given 1 extra point, for a possibility of 10 extra points.

1. A random sample of 200 high school seniors is given the SAT-V test. The mean score for
this sample is 483. Assuming that the population is normally distributed, the mean score
μ for all high school seniors will be:

a) 2.415
b) 200
c) 483

2. Given the same sample statistics, which level of confidence will produce the narrowest
confidence interval?

a) 75%
b) 85%
c) 90%
d) 99%

3. The margin of error is present only when the sample size is less than 30.
a) True
b) False

4. When a t-distribution is used to estimate a population mean, the degrees of freedom are
equal to one less than the sample size.

a) True
b) False

5. A t-distribution is used when the random variable is distributed normally, the sample size
is < 30 and the value of σ (sigma) is unknown.

a) True
b) False

6. The critical value that corresponds to a 95% confidence level is:

a) ±1.645
b) ±1.96
c) ±2.33
d) ±2.575

7. The point estimate is a single value estimate for a sample statistic.

a) True
b) False

8. The most unbiased point estimate of the population mean μ is the sample mean.

a) True
b) False

9. Which of the following statements describe the properties of a t-distribution?

a) The t-distribution is bell-shaped and symmetric about the mean.
b) The total area under a t-curve is 1 or 100%.
c) The mean, median, and mode of the t-distribution are equal to zero.
d) As the degrees of freedom decrease, the t-distribution approaches the normal distribution.

10. The critical value, tc, for c = 0.99 and n = 10 is:

a) 1.833
b) 2.262
c) 2.281
d) 3.250


  1. 1) A
    2) D
    3) B
    4) A
    5) A
    6) B
    7) B
    8) A
    9) A, B, C

  2. Rick Robinson, John, Mel
    1. A random sample of 200 high school seniors is given the SAT-V test. The mean score for
    this sample is 483. Assuming that the population is normally distributed, the mean score
    μ for all high school seniors will be:
    c) 483 *

    2. Given the same sample statistics, which level of confidence will produce the narrowest
    confidence interval?
    a) 75% *

    3. The margin of error is present only when the sample size is less than 30.
    b) False *

    4. When a t-distribution is used to estimate a population mean, the degrees of freedom are
    equal to one less than the sample size.
    a) True *

    5. A t-distribution is used when the random variable is distributed normally, the sample size
    is < 30 and the value of σ (sigma) is unknown.
    a) True *

    6. The critical value that corresponds to a 95% confidence level is:
    b) ±1.96 *

    7. The point estimate is a single value estimate for a sample statistic.
    b) False*

    8. The most unbiased point estimate of the population mean μ is the sample mean.
    a) True*

    9. Which of the following statements describe the properties of a t-distribution?
    a) The t-distribution is bell-shaped and symmetric about the mean.*
    b) The total area under a t-curve is 1 or 100%.*
    c) The mean, median, and mode of the t-distribution are equal to zero.*

    10. The critical value, tc, for c = 0.99 and n = 10 is:
    d) 3.250*

  3. Post by Bryan S. & Nick N.

  4. Justin Kirchmeier
    Jace Wheeler
    Alex Reyes

    1. A 2.415
    2. D 99%
    3. B False
    4. A True
    5. A True
    6. B ±1.96
    7, B False
    8. B True
    9. A, B, C
    10. D. 3.250

  5. Bonus Questions:
    1. 483
    2. 75%
    3. False
    4. True
    6. ±1.96
    7. False
    8. True

  6. Tonya Cox
    Rick O’neil

    1. A

    2. A

    3. A

    4. A

    5. B

    6. B

    7. B

    8. A

    9. A, B, C,

    10. D

  7. Correct Answers:

    1. 483

    2. 75%

    3. F

    4. F

    5. 1.96

    6. F

    7. T

    8. T

    9. (a)

    10. 3.250

  8. Sorry guys, here are the answers:
    1. 483
    2. 75%
    3. F
    4. T
    5. T
    6. 1.96
    7. F
    8. T
    9. A,B,C
    10. 3.250

    (I skipped one above)

  9. Sheila W Karolyn M

    1) A
    2) D
    3) B
    4) A
    5) A
    6) B
    7) B
    8) A
    9) A, B, C

  10. 1. C
    2. A
    3. B
    4. A (p. 295)
    5. A
    6. B
    7. B (single value estimate for population parameter)
    8. A (p. 280)
    9. A, B, C
    10. D

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